To add value to the South African Youth by active Leadership Development Programs and to create a sustainable financial fund and infrastructure for the development of young learners and future entrepreneurs.​


To give hope and to make things better. To promote societies whose individuals and  institutions participate in valuing, protecting and advancing the worth and the  rights of children.To promote self esteem, self ideal and Self discipline. To engage in Leadership Programs based on a Core Value System. To motivate organisations to contribute towards infrastructure, bursaries and funding for educational centres and learners.

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Helderberg Childrens Fund is a Non Profit Organization
REG NO: 2011/002395/08 /  NPO: 090 852 / I.T 9774/451/15/8
Bank: ABSA / Account Name: Helderberg Childrens Fund (SEC 21, 2011/002395/08)
Account Number: 40 7760 9221 /  Branch Code: 632005