We are proud sponsors of the ‘Imibala Sponsor a Child’ programme.

Imibala’s primary purpose is to raise money for children in need. R1000 will provide a child with tuition and a uniform for a year. 100% of the sponsor’s money is spent on the child. R1000 includes;

1. School tracksuit
2. Shoes and socks
3. Jersey
4. Schoolbag
5. Underwear
6. Toiletries
7. Rain jacket
8. T-Shirt

How can you help?

Contact us to make your donation and sponsor a child today!

Tel:           (021) 853 0471
Fax:          (021) 853 0599
Email:       info@helderbergchildrensfund.org
Web:        www.helderbergchildrensfund.org
Address:   50 Mynhardt Street | Gants Centre | Strand | 7140

Visit to Imibala

Imibala Creative Arts Exhibition

Photos of Imibala Creative Arts students celebrating their beautiful 2015 ART, MUSIC, DRAMA & POTTERY creations!

“We are so grateful for your generosity and appreciate all Ultraline’s paint sponsorship during 2015!”
– Gianna Milani  (Head of Creative Arts from Imibala)