Our friendly service to you includes:


  • Specifications consist out of a site visit to determine the clients need and  then a written specification to assist the client in a product application ​guideline, example drying time and what products to use at different substrates.
  • Specifications consist out of data sheets, photos, certificates and application guidelines.

Site Inspections

  • Project management of existing projects.
  • Visits to assist clients with advice.
  • Visits to determine whether work is done according to our – specifications supplied.
  • Visits to determine quantities.


  • Only on selected products; Duraklad, Naturalsilk, Weathertex, Mattklad, Roofcryl, and Arctic Enamel.
  • In order to get a Ultraline Guarantee the client should follow the given specification done by Ultraline for the project.
  • Site inspections must be done to monitor the site by a Sales Consultant.

Colour Consultancy
Visit our Ultraline Colour Boutique for expert consultation on colour selection and advice.